Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekly Bunnies

The bunnies continue to be cute, but are not being particularly creative about it. They spend the vast majority of their time lounging in the cage or lounging in the tunnel (Rico) and the pet carrier (Pedro).
Pedro is still scared to death of cooking smells, but Rico is learning to relax a little even when his whole world smells like lemon and dill:
(Pedro is doing his "Holy crap! We're all going to die!!!" thing in the corner, which you sort of have to see in person to understand how scared he is... They both cower in that corner together when they're both irrationally freaking out...) Below is the best "Disapproving Rabbit" face Pedro has given me in a while. So cranky...
Pedro sometimes steals Rico's treats in the morning (if part of a banana chip that Rico is working on falls to the ground, Pedro swoops in under Rico's chin to grab it for himself). I used to discourage this, but Rico totally has it coming. For example, today I had some extra parsley so I put a handful in Pedro's pet carrier and a handful in Rico's tunnel. Rico, as is his way, decided they should work jointly on eating Pedro's parsley:
before heading back into the tunnel to eat his own pile:
Dork. They haven't wanted to go outside for a while, but I may force them to next weekend... We'll see how the weather holds up.

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