Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly Bunnies

The bunnies seemed to have a pretty good week this week, largely because they both found some good new places to sit around being lazy-butts. I bought some carpet to line the tunnel with, since cardboard isn't very fun for bunny claws... This turned out to make Rico happy, and the tunnel is now one of his favorite lounging spots:
Pedro's new favorite spot actually used to be one of his least favorite spots: the pet carrier. A friend at work suggested I leave it out in the kitchen for them to get used to (I use it when I take them outside so that I don't have to leave either rabbit unattended with all the potential predators out there). At about 6am a couple days after I first put it out, I heard a major ruckus of digging and paper-shredding in the kitchen. I came out to find that Pedro was working on redecorating in the carrier. Now it's (apparently) a great place to look grouchy while trying to nap:
Even outside, Pedro kept coming back to the carrier whenever he got a little nervous after running around in the yard for a while. (I leave the pen open, but keep it set up as a safe place for the little guys. Pedro's the only one who ever uses it...)
I built a $12 fence to try to keep the bunnies out from under the car. Behold the awesomeness of my fence:
and my hand after discovering that the tomato stakes I bought to support the plastic fencing are some type of practical joke on gardeners:
Well played, tomato stake producers... Well played... Now that they couldn't get under the car, the buns had fun running around under bushes and laying down together in an attempt to kill me with the power of their adorableness:
Here's Rico lounging under a different bush after I chased off a neighbor cat for him:
Below are a few videos. First up: nomming. This will almost certainly be boring to most people, but I think Pedro is pretty adorable when he's going to work on a pile of veggies:

Next are the little guys exploring the yard on their own:

Finally, Rico realizes he has really sharp teeth and there's no reason not to just bite through the stupid fence in his way in order to get back under the car... I'll be reinforcing that section before we head back outside...

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