Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekly Bunnies (updated 4/14)

Two things before I get to the most exciting part of this post. First, above is the awesome new water dish I got the bunnies yesterday. I don't worry when they run out of food momentarily (Rico has enough fat to live on for months, and Pedro is a compulsive eater) but I feel horrible if they run out of water. This seems like a nice solution and looks pretty spiffy, too... (I also like how Pedro has his eyes closed in ecstasy while nomming on his cilantro.) Second, below is a picture of my new buddy Pedro being all brave and saying hi to me even without his bodyguard (Rico).
Anyway, in honor of Easter (and, mostly, the fact that it wasn't raining today), I took the bunnies out to experience The Great Outdoors for the first time. I brought the tunnel out, and Pedro ran through it probably 50 times before he even noticed he was outside...
Rico definitely noticed right away that he was outside and was seriously freaked out. He sat paralyzed in the corner of the exercise pen (I don't think they'll run away, but I don't trust neighborhood cats so I like to create a safe space where I can control access to the bunnies...), not moving except for the occasional ear-twitch. I felt really bad for him and decided to try sitting with them inside the pen. As soon as I was in there, Rico relaxed and started hopping around and enjoying himself. It warmed my cold cold heart to see that he wanted me there. (I tried to sit just outside reading a book, but Rico came and sat next to the wall closest to me and didn't move until I got back in.) I think a month ago he would have just as soon had me stay far away. He's not as tough as he acts... Here he is grooming Pedro a bit:
Here is his attempt to take a nap (which kept being thwarted by Pedro bumping into him). If you click to embiggen the picture, though, you can see that his cute little eyes are closed:
Below is Rico doing his Mr. Burns impersonation. Excellent...
Pedro was obsessed with the tunnel now that it was outside. When he wasn't running through it he was shoving it around with his nose or trying to climb on it...
Finally, here is a video. It's basically just 64 seconds of grazing bunnies (and it's a bit grainy now that it's uploaded, and I will admit that it is not the most thrilling video you'll ever see...). What I like about it is how it shows the way Pedro moves (he always stretches out like he can't decide if he should lie down or hop forward... he does this all the time, and often opts to just lie down and finish his trip later...) and also the little ear-swivel from Rico at the end when he hears a hrududu (aka "car") go by.

UPDATE: One more video to share. This one is a bit more entertaining. I took the bunnies out at dusk last night. Rico had a great time in his own cool and dignified way, but Pedro went absolutely insane in the moonlight. Sigh... He cracks me up.

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