Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekly Bunnies

It's bunny-picture-posting time again. I'll try not to go quite so overboard this week... The little guys seem pretty happy lately. The addition of cilantro and dandelion greens to their regular diet has added a level of excitement to morning feeding time, and (as far as I can tell) they've come to associate the smell of fresh-ground coffee with Banana Time (which is their favorite time of day, held while I'm making my morning espresso for the road).
Rico continues to be kind of mean, including nipping at Pedro and growling at him (or me) when he feels like somebody is keeping him from having his veggies in a timely manner. Here's Rico with his butt-kicking face on:
Pedro, in the same position, looks much sweeter:
Rico is shedding like crazy, so his bum is all fuzzy now, but he is NOT a fan of any attempts to help him get rid of the extra hair...
Pedro is getting braver and braver about coming up to me, which he used to only do if he knew Rico was nearby. Now, even if Rico has gone back in the cage, Pedro will come out and say hello to me...
Finally, my favorite of the week. Here is Pedro showing off his silly toothless mouth as he (once again) thinks he's trapped in the cage even though the door is wide open:
Such a cutie... Sigh.

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