Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekly Bunnies

Pedro and Rico never stop amusing me with their cuteness, but I continue to be bad about keeping a camera around to capture it. Here's a rare picture of the two of them out exploring together in the morning (while I was prepping their morning bowl of spinach and carrots).Here's Rico making sure I really don't have any more cranberries left in my hand:
And here's Pedro climbing up on my knee to see what that shiny thing I'm pointing at him is...
Because I have a few minutes to kill, here is a list of the the things I most often say to these little guys:

To either of them when they hop up to me: "Hey, cutie..."
To Pedro (who is still a little jittery): "You're OK, sweetie..."
To Pedro: "Babe, you are so cute!"
To Pedro: "Dude. The door is right over there..."
To Rico: "Dude. Why are you such an asshole/jerk?"
To Rico: "Hey! Leave Pedro alone, you big bully!"
To Rico: "Dude! Why would you do that?!?"

This morning Pedro was munching on a nice clover he found in his pile of hay, and Rico came over, grabbed the end of the stem, and tried to rip it out of his mouth! Seriously, he's a jerk. And yet, that's somehow one of his most endearing qualities...
UPDATE: I realize when I look at this that it sort of sounds like I favor Pedro, which really isn't the case. I tend to dote on Pedro more, because he's sweet and dumb and needs somebody to take care of him. I tend to respect Rico more, though, because he's clever and strong-willed and isn't going to take chances when it comes to getting what he wants. Rico is usually my favorite, actually, because I like watching his little brain work, but there's something about the way that Pedro is so helpless and fluffy that makes you want to fill his little world with cranberries and carrots and bananas and snuggles... Plus, he never nips and growls at a rabbit who is supposedly his friend when he thinks they're hoarding spinach, unlike some rabbits... *cough* Rico *cough*

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maggie said...

heh, i like that your bunnies have such opposite personalities but they still love each other. I do wish that animals were better share-ers though, seems like they could do with some kindergarden (cause thats where you learn the sharin').