Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekly Bunnies

Once again I found myself primarily with pictures of Pedro at the end of the week. The main reason this week is that Rico is totally my buddy. He hops right over to me whenever he sees me in the kitchen. If I happen to be holding a camera, he sticks his cute little face directly in the lens and makes it impossible to take his picture... Here's the one I managed to take before he charged:
Here's Pedro checking out the tunnel so he can decide (again) if it's safe to enter:
and below are a couple of my personal favorites... I've mentioned before that Pedro is a bit of a dork. These are two pictures of him begging me to let him out of his cage so he can play with me and Rico... when the door is WIDE OPEN about 12 inches to his left. So adorably stupid, this one...
I seriously wish I had a video camera on them a lot of the time. The stretching and yawning routine they perform when they get up from snuggling together just kills me... They're doing a lot more snuggling these days, too, which is really precious to watch. I think as they become more comfortable around me they're also more comfortable just acting naturally (since it's easier to snuggle if you're not scared)...

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