Saturday, February 7, 2009


First: I promise this will be my only 100%-rabbit-related post ever... but I'm too tired to write about anything else right now...
Amidst more driving all over tarnation taking care of stuff for my apartment, I finally adopted Pedro and Rico today. They are pretty effing adorable, I must say. It's funny how strong their personalities are. Pedro is totally chill and goofy and brave. He was just chowing down on carrots during the car ride to my apartment, whereas Rico was huddled in the back of the pet carrier looking scared out of his mind. When I brought them in I just opened the door of the pet carrier so that it led into the door of their cage. Pedro hopped right in to check things out, while Rico stayed huddled in the pet carrier. Pedro went back into the pet carrier about 5 times while I watched (maybe trying to convince Rico it was safe to come out?) and I decided to give them some space and went outside to shovel enough snow away that I'll have a place to put my new (awesome) gas grill when it's delivered this week... When I came back in they were both in the cage... Pedro hopping around and being a big dork, Rico looking pretty freaked out still.
I left them in there to get acclimated while I drove out to an evil store that has great deals on things like bookshelves and desks, and when I came back Pedro was napping and Rico was munching on hay, although he immediately hopped over to where Pedro was when he saw me.
I opened the door to their cage and went into the guest room to start assembling a desk that I had purchased at the evil store. An hour later they still hadn't ventured out of their cage, but Rico was grooming Pedro a bit, which was sweet.
After another hour I looked in and they were both out (staying near the cage, though), and as soon as Rico saw me he sprinted back into the cage. I'm going to take that as a good sign that I have effectively established the cage as a safe place (which is part of why I didn't force them in there initially and why I won't ever reach in and drag them out). I wish he wasn't so freaked out, but I'm sure he'll get over that as he gets more comfortable. Thirty minutes in a car is probably no fun if you're a 4 pound bunny in a pet carrier... especially when you end up in a strange new place at the end of the ride.
Even by the time I left Rico seemed to be doing a little better, so hopefully it won't take him too long to mellow out.

My sofas are being delivered tomorrow and I'll be moving out of the hotel and into my apartment. There's a 73% chance that my bed will arrive on Monday, which would be absolutely fantastic, but we'll see... More pictures of the apartment (and maybe some more of the bunnies) later...

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Midge said...

I vote for more bunny pictures! So cute!