Monday, December 29, 2008

Week 17 Bucs Post: Well, I Guess That's That...

Sigh. This has been a pretty rough NFL season for a kid like me. A month ago the Bucs were 9-3 and looking at the possibility of home field advantage throughout the playoffs... then an seriously embarrassing game on Monday Night Football kicked off the most epic collapse in team history. As I watched the Bucs lose to the freaking RAIDERS yesterday, I knew in my heart that it was for the best. Watching the team play over this past month has made it abundantly clear that they don't belong anywhere near the playoffs. I'm still waiting to hear how bad Cadillac's knee is, but hopefully the Bucs can get both him and Graham back at full strength next year... and maybe pick up a younger QB (I'm looking at you, Matt Cassel) while they're at it.
It's going to be a long off-season, and I hope one that provides some answers as to how this happened. I know injuries played a role, but there's not a single team in the NFL who doesn't face at least some injury issues by Week 17. I'm not sure if Gruden's job is safe, and I'm not sure if I even think it should be after this. It was practically Haslett-like, which I never though I would see from him. Breaks my heart a little bit... as did a lot of things this season.

On a positive note, Peter's (where we've watched every Bucs game when we were in town) made me a fantastic burger with which to smother my sorrows during this final depressing week of the season. Featuring bacon, cheddar, ham, and a fried egg, that was one damn fine burger.
As for the playoffs, consider me officially on the Carolina bandwagon. If the Bucs can't win the Super Bowl, I would at least like to see the NFC South represent, and the Panthers are the only non-Bucs team in the NFC South that I don't deeply despise...

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