Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 11 Bucs Post: Feeling a Bit Better...

I was not a happy camper during the first quarter of this game. The run defense was porous, the offense was stagnant... And I'm still not thrilled with our red zone offense (which I feel has a lot to do with overly-conservative play-calling)... But our defense pulled things together in the last 3 quarters and the offense got just enough done, to the point where it started feeling just like old times... I'm still waiting with baited breath to hear what happened to Graham. It looked like a bad knee injury, but initial reports are saying it's an ankle (which would be much better). Other than Garcia, I think Graham is the player we can least afford to lose, so I hope it's not as bad as it seemed.... [Update: Graham is out for the year. I am sad.] I wish the offense could have sealed the deal on their final drive in the 4th, but the defense display that followed was so hilariously dominating that it was almost worth it just to get to see that... In general, I felt that like this ended up being a pretty strong showing by the Super Bowl-bound Bucs. Below are a couple random thoughts:
  • Jerramy Stevens has been such a great addition to this team. He was Mr. Clutch for us at the end of last season, and he seems to be one of Garcia's favorite targets (especially with Galloway MIA) this year. By all accounts he's a good kid (now), and I'm glad he's a Buc.
  • Holding Peterson to 85 total yards (only allowing 14 yards from him in the second half) made a big statement. I love this defense.
  • Sure, he was dead to me a few weeks ago, but I love seeing Garcia out there playing at his best. That guy is seriously tough. I love how he gets hit hard (illegally) and just walks into the huddle with blood running down his chin to finish off the drive.
  • So good to have Askew back from injury, and what better way to welcome him back than to let him score his first career TD? Especially with Graham possibly out for a while, we really needed to get Askew back on the field.
  • Where is Joey Galloway? What could Michael Bennett possibly have done to make Gruden hate him so much that he never sees the field? When will Gruden finally trust this offense enough to call plays at least a little aggressively before we're trailing by more than 7? These are the questions lingering in my mind today....
Hoping Detroit isn't a "trap game" next week... The Bucs can't afford to drop any cheap games if they want to take the division off of Carolina.

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