Sunday, October 26, 2008

Week 8 Bucs Post: Reality Check

Did I say the Bucs were going to go 14-2? I actually meant 13-3... Dallas came into this game fired up and desperate after two losses, while the Bucs seemed to come in thinking "Damn... If the RAMS can beat them, this will be cake..." I give a lot of credit to that Dallas defense. The Bucs' offense looked pretty darn bad, and I think most of that was thanks to the play by the Dallas D... The complete collapse of the Bucs' defense in the final two minutes of the first half (beginning with Ronde Barber's horse collar penalty that let the drive continue... eventually leading to the only touchdown of the game after 3 more defensive penalties...) was extremely disheartening...

Down the stretch our only real challenges will come against New Orleans and San Diego. I think those are both very winable games, and should give me a better sense of whether or not my Super Bowl hopes and dreams are at all realistic... On a positive note: Great to see Old Man Galloway back on the field. I've really missed that guy.

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